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Glassy eyes

Staring a hole in me
Like dozens of small, pale porcelain dolls in my sister’s spare room.
I know what this is.
Those green orbs, gazing intensely
Both Up and down at the same time.
Is she…
Is she…
Judging me?
What is she thinking?
What is it this time?
She doesn’t need to say it.
I know it.
I forgot to do the dishes
How long?
Three days…
Three damn days.
But I’m exhausted, annoyed
What do I do?
I laugh.
“You’re doing it again”
Her gaze stops, softens a bit.
“You’re judging me. Aren’t you?
I forgot the dishes, right?”
She didn’t have to say it.
I messed up.
I could feel it.
“I’ll do it later, honey. I promise.
While you’re cooking.”
But it’s not enough.
How could I be so cruel.
Why not now?
Why not?
Those eyes, those eyes.
Should I give in?
Relent to the gaze?
I can’t…I can’t…
I laugh again, nervously.
I’m exhausted.”
She finally speaks words:
“Okay.” She sighs.
But I know what that means.
She’s pissed.
I shrug, get up, and do the dishes.




  1. No one likes dishes in the sink!

    • True. But I guess I had more tolerance for it. LOL.

      • No one likes doing dishes either. I feel for you.

  2. I can’t stand dishes in the sink but what I hate more is to ask someone to do the dishes or anything else and it doesn’t get done. It’s like what we ask is irrelevant and makes us feel irrelevant.

    • Spot on❣️

  3. Wonderful scene. I can feel what it was like to be there!

    I sometimes have to fight through the neurotic feeling that it I do a thing when prompted then my action is less meaningful or sincerely given. I don’t know if you were feeling that at all, but it evoked that feeling in me just reading it.

    • You’re the first person who didn’t think it was about the dishes. Thanks for that. Yes, it’s very complex, and I was feeling all that and more!

  4. Yeah, I thought you did a good job of taking something mundane and using it to illustrate the tensions that come and go in established relationships.

  5. Been there. Done that. Exhaustion does not excuse one from obligations big or small. Illness does, though.

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